Property Management /Remac Property Management

Property Management

The work team prepares execution plan for property management through the provision of package of important services to achieve the highest returns for the Company's clients at the highest quality standards.

Management of properties in accordance with compact program and plan with full professionalism.

Preparation of marketing and promotion plans for the Company's services in accordance with the local and international professional standards and rules.

Examination of property costs and revenues and management of such costs to achieve the client's interest.

Solicitation and submission of offers and bids for all property–related works.

Execution of tender procedures (selection of suppliers, preparation of contracts).

Evaluation of the performance of contractors in accordance with their contracts and provision of appropriate recommendations to the competent departments including maintenance, finance.

Regular inspection of buildings and lands and submission of necessary reports to maintain their efficiency and integrity.

Execution of all regulations and rules related to local and international standards for real estate asset management.

Follow up of tenants with respect to all their obligations under their contracts.

Effective utilization of real properties to achieve the optimal returns.

Submission of monthly and annual financial reports to the Company's clients for tracking their real properties under the Company management.

Preparation of periodical reports about the situation of property markets and development trends and submission thereof to the Company's clients to take appropriate decisions in view of such trends.


Purchase and sale of properties

Preparation of data related to properties

Local and regional marketing of properties

Preparation of sale and purchase contracts

Follow up of brokerage-related legal procedures


Preparation and conclusion of lease contracts

Preparation and conclusion of investment contracts

Marketing of property units on local and regional levels

Follow up of the defaulters of rent and the relevant legal procedures

Daily collection of rent

Preparation of customer satisfaction questionnaires


We recognizes the different opinions of investors and tenants. The investor is interested in achieving the highest return from his investment while the tenant seeks to reduce his costs by obtaining appropriate rent amount. Consequently, REAM seeks through its experienced team to achieve balance by proposing the best real estate solutions that would achieve mutual satisfaction of the investors and the tenants through submission of consultations and advices to its clients.

Consultations and advice to the company clients include the following:

Post purchase consultation services to the Company clients for achieving the best returns for the clients.

Provision of consultations about real estate investments at the developing markets on the regional and international levels supported with preparation of feasibility and market studies.

Provision of consultations to the investors interested in real estate investment in Saudi or other markets.

Specialized consultation services.

Accurate economic feasibility study that would contribute to investment decision making process.

Preparation of specialized studies with accurate data about real estate development.

Study of cost & expenses of real properties & generation of appropriate solutions for reduction of such expenses as much as possible without compromise of service quality & level.

Study of the highest and best use of properties and preparation of data that would achieve better uses.


Real Estate Asset Management Company has practical experience in holding real estate auctions in the local market.

In this regard, the Company evaluates the real estate assets to be sold in accordance with the prevailing market values and then put them for auction starting with the said value for which the approval of the landlord is secured

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